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Multimedia diary for the life of your baby



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Baby Diary is an application that helps you to save the everyday growth of your child.

It's a multimedia tool that helps you to prepare a diary with records, images, videos and sounds of the growth of your child.

The program allows you to storage special information such as the birth date, the first kick or the one during the birth; anecdotes during the pregnancy, the image of the first sonogram; the first steps and words; the celebrations; and much more.

It also includes a functional graphic system that allows you to check the evolution of the child during its growth. It represents height, weight, and the circumference of the cranium, the period of vaccination or the condition of the teeth.

Finally, you can print the album or create a fabulous eBook in HTML format, visible from any computer.

Trial version lasts 30 days.


Trial version lasts 30 days.

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